Heck Deck saved my presentation

One day I was dizzying over making a presentation on Powerpoint or Slides.

I thought it to be of a different kind. One in which the file doesn’t have to be downloaded. Laptop or computer need not be fired up. Pendrives, scans and banging-with-not-working syndromes driving insanity.

Presentation has to be fluid like mercury drops on the table. Slightest tilt and ready for magic. Are we good?

My mind was more into keeping audience excitement level up rather than million dollar content. Content should not be just words or pictures. It can be anything as it happens.

Moreover wanted to strut ```HTML5``` and ```CSS``` which were rusting due to apathy.

These all led me to tunnel into MSA, JGB, DBI, Nah! Google to discover Tada


Its a javascript library to make bespoke html presentations with highly customized decks as simply as crafting a Hello World! website straight to the world.

You can visit imakewebthings.com to learn more. What can I say more?

If you want to see my decks go and visit my website. Happy!