3D Printer Design

Ding Ding Does the bell ring? Here is the sketch of the 3D Printer design I would like to print my lego bricks with. This is how I visualize the 3D Printer would be, inspired by credit. The printer has constrained linear motion along X or Y Axis over a long Lab Bench like table. The surface of the bench has cooling air and water mechanism (not shown). The user and CAD control screen will be on the right. The model and reference sensors is embedded on the two sides or legs holding the printing head mechanism, very similar to tag sensors at shop exit.

3D Printer LTZeroPlastic

I was thinking of orthogonal constrained rotation of the printer so that it can print length wise as seen in the sketch. When the Y axis has to be printed the printer rotates at plus minus 90 degrees. In accordance with what I had proposed earlier, the printed component will be irrespective of being millimeter or meter dimensions depending on the size of the switchable nozzle.

Being a sketch only it has to go all the way in design iterations. Time vs Money!