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It was a rainy day on campus when I interviewed Jeffrey Andrews, in our little home we struggled to move around as it was so small we had maybe 4 feet of an actual walk way. We talked a lot, often about life on campus, but I never realized I was around a genius. Jeffrey studies hard, almost always in the books, learning everything he can. He is such a great student that I had to interview him. While I sat on my chair and he sat on his, we got to work, discussing literacy in his life. I wanted to focus on how he used his writing to change his life, how he used it in social media and how he used it in his work. Jeffrey is your average person. He uses social media, goes to school and texts his girlfriend; However, Jeffrey aspires to be a physics professor; And that is where his writing changes everything because he never stops learning about new ways to write.

The biggest thing Jeffrey remembers about his writing career is the last year, writing college essays. Arguable the most important thing he did for his life; and while he did this, he was trying to convey who he was to people he didn’t even know and wasn’t ever going to meet. When you think of doing that in a two-page essay; it’s incredible.

“You just try to get the people to understand you and see where you’re coming from and what experiences you had and what school means to you. In that regard, writing is really a way to share a piece of yourself,”.

But achieving that took a lot of mentoring from his father, who is a successful lawyer in Seattle, WA. Jeffrey talks a lot about his father as one of his biggest sponsors in life, using his dads knowledge of law school he studied with him and learned to write. While this was the biggest sponsor in his life he also used his favorite book Atlas Shrugged; He took pointers and observed the success from other authors to make himself a better writer. Using Atlas Shrugged he could see what a professional author would look like and how they funnel all those ideas into such a big book. One thing Jeffrey talked about was he struggled with filling tons of pages of writing and he used Atlas Shrugged to help him with those ideas and how to execute his ideas onto paper. One major achievement that helped him continue to become a better writer was writing his valedictorian speech. In which he had to switch up his writing style for a crowd of a thousand. Jeffrey uses all these experiences and mentors to grow his writing. While reading and watching these other writers, he learns from their mistakes. Eventually being able to consider himself a pro too, he hopes that someday his writing will sponsor other people as well. He hopes that students and kids will use his writing to learn and increase their knowledge on the topic at hand. While Jeffrey thinks he has a long way to go, he hopes to mentor other people while he is a professor teaching Physics.

“I had to change my writing to something that I had never done before. I was nervous, but in the end I was happy with my speech. It conveyed me as a student and as a writer,”.

An article about writing

While Jeffrey writes his usual essays for college and for his own enjoyment, he is also learning a new form of writing: One that most people will never get to use in their own lives. This exclusive writing is for his career in physics, and while very interesting it is very difficult. Jeffrey uses this writing to explain what he is researching, and while he hasn’t started on his new career yet, he is still trying to learn for the future.

Jeffrey’s favorite way to write is persuasive writing. He enjoys it because he wants to convince someone of a certain thing but in his own mind.

“Everyone is writing, I’m not special but I want to convince people of my point of view through my writing, no matter how different that view is,”.

Instead of trying to argue with people, he just brings out the evidence and proves himself. In our interview Jeffrey talked about how for the college process he had to do that a lot, prove himself to the college. He spent a lot of time reviewing those essays and making sure he was ready to submit them to the school. He just brings his A game when he writes, and that’s something he knows he needs for his professional career.

Jeffreys career in writing literacy has just begun, he will always learn new ways to communicate as technology advances and always use that in his life. Whether it is with new social media apps or in his scientific writings, he will always improve and write stuff that helps others learn how to write.




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