Domestic Violence

When I hear people talk about domestic violence or intrafamily violence, it always comes to my mind that this is only about beatings. But I realized that not only that, but there are several types of domestic violence, and those types are these; control, physical abuse, emotional abuse and intimidation, isolation, Verbal Abuse: Coercion, Threats, & Blame, Using Male Privilege and economic abuse. All these types of violence have devastating consequences that many of them can cause death and in most cases affects family members especially the youngest ones. What am I going with that can affect the smallest? Because everything that they see happens at home; like fights between the parents either physically or verbally, all this is recorded in the mind of an infant because no matter how old they could be from 5 years old onwards their brain stores everything they see and hear everything that absorbs it like a sponge. And all that learning that he or she got from seeing their parents arguing can cause problems academically because of that their grades may decrease, and their behavior would not be good because each time they are in a difficult situation will want to solve it with violence.

As I mentioned earlier, several types of intrafamily violence are control, physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse and intimidation, isolation, verbal abuse, abuse of male privilege and economic exploitation. It is considered abuse or maltreatment that is used by members of the same family. Control is when the aggressor shows possessive behavior in this case to a woman when the husband forbids her to go out with certain types of people because he feels jealous that she is related to more people besides him or for fear of leaving him for someone else. His way of keeping her by his side is controlling her. For example, supervising the calls she makes, the places she frequents, always administering her social media, selecting her circle of friends and depriving her of her freedom. That makes the victim feel intimidated and denying her independence, creating invisible chains and a sense of desperation and fear and also makes the victim isolated. Another is the physical abuse is when the aggressor uses fear and aggression, in order to paralyze his victim, generating bodily harm with blows or objects, for example with weapons. Usually this type of violence is infringed by parents, although there are also cases where mothers beat their children and even their husbands.

It is important to know that physical abuse is wholly linked to emotional abuse. It refers to the fact of having any type of sexual contact in a compulsory way with another person. The aggressor usually attacks, offends and dominates the victim, exhibiting himself before her with a provocative and at the same time offensive violence. In this type of abuse, it is divided into three parts or classes that are incest, sexual abuse and rape. Incest is when sexual relations are established between two individuals of the same family, whether they are parents, uncles, etc. Sexual harassment is considered to be when a person uses an individual to satisfy their sexual desire either by seeing the naked body of the victim or by touching their private parts against their will. And rape is when the sexual act is forced. What does this mean? It means that the victim resists to being penetrated by her aggressor. And this is also linked to the abuse of male privilege.

In many investigations, it is said that the consequences of domestic violence can become legal and psychological. One of the main legal effects are the damages caused to the victim either physically or economically; this is when the hospital expenses must be paid for the times the victim was attacked. Also, put a restraining order to the aggressor and sent him to rehabilitation to an institution specialized in the problem of anger control or other mental illnesses. In psychological issues are affected both children and adults are often damaged.

Domestic violence : Impact on the children CNN News

The effects on children in the short term are when they blame themselves for the problems at home “Some kids blame themselves … ‘Maybe if I was a better kid or a smarter student, my parents wouldn’t fight”, this thoughts thatt they might have modify their self-esteem, and almost don’t participate in the class but it is of the children who get very good grades because they always look for ways to distract themselves from the problems that are at home focusing more on the school. Also, the number of friends can be minimal, and there are cases in which the child gets into trouble to get the attention of their parents and teachers. Children who have witnessed their mother being abused tend to be aggressive as they grow up or are likely to develop mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. “More than 3 million children have witnessed it in their homes every year, according to estimates. What those children see and hear can have a profound impact on their lives, experts around the country who deal with domestic violence tell CNN.” And in adults it is almost the same only that what happens here is that this victim can be left with severe problems of trauma, they can present physical illnesses and trust issues.

This is a reprenstation of what is intrafamily violence

In intrafamily violence the factors that cause it frequently are lack of impulse control, low self-esteem, lack of affection since childhood, experiences that have lived in childhood or personality factors can influence to abuse and mistreat the people of his environment, in this case, his family. Another cause may be that he has no patience to resolve conflicts in a civilized way and he thinks that things can always be solved with violence. And finally, the last reason is that the aggressor sees violence as an instrument of power to intimidate others and feel superior.

The people that are suffering from intrafamily violence can look for organizations such as the “National Network to End Domestic Violence” (NNEDV) is a nonprofit organization that their mission is to create organizations of the social, political and economic environment and create an environment where the woman will never get attacked again. Another good organization is the Future Without Violence (FWV) are the focus on help children and families. Its objective is to promote the health, stability, education, and safety of women, men, girls and boys around the world. This organization played an essential role in the development of the Law of Violence against Women to improve the responses to Domestic Violence. And educate people about the importance of healthy relationships.

Family violence has many consequences whether legal and psychological, but that does not mean that they cannot always be the result of all problems. There is a solution if you raise your voice and seek help. Always remember that you are not alone you can still go to help centers like the ones mentioned above, and they will gladly help you with the problem using reasonable solutions.