Demos, covers and the rest of the year

Now that September has started properly, I’m settling down to get ready for a few more shows. My first stop is a week in London to rehearse with my band for my show with Séan McGowan on 15th September. Much like everything I do, it’s all coming together with very little time to spare, but I can’t wait to get back to playing shows. I’m also playing a solo show the night before with Anna’s Anchor in Peckham (which should be awesome).

I’ll be back in London a couple more times this year, and also have a Brighton show at Unfun booked in for next month! I’ll be announcing some more shows in the near future.

14/09 LONDON Peckham Four Quarters w/Anna’s Anchor
15/09 LONDON Hackney Sebright Arms w/Séan McGowan (Full band)
07/10 LONDON Hoxton Might As Well Fest w/Kamikaze Girls ++
15/10 BRIGHTON Unfun Fest w/Kamikaze Girls ++
10/12 LONDON New Cross Papyrus Benefit Show

I’ve also rounded up a bunch of demos and covers that I’ve done over the last year or so into a playlist. Apart from the Smash Mouth cover that’s been included for a bit of fun, they’ve all been online in some of other forms but you may not have heard a few of them if you haven’t been keeping a track on what I’m up to (and who could blame you?!). Check it out below — I’m going to be writing for a new album over the next few months while I get myself settled into some new, non-musical projects (news on that soon!).

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