Why I will never use Oracle Cloud “Always Free” services

Yeah, it’s free, only if you can use it

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At first, Oracle Cloud Free Tier seems to be slightly better than other competitors. They let you use 2 VMs of 1/8th of OCPU, 1 GB memory and 50 GB HDD each. This is VM.Standard.E2.1.Micro instance and is supposed to be free forever.

So I created a trial account, input my credit card information, and went straight to create a new VM.

Out of host capacity

This was what I got when I clicked the “Create” button. I tried again for a hundred times, same result.

The next thing I tried was to ask for support from Oracle. My Oracle Support seemed to be the one I needed. But no, there is nothing about “Out of host capacity”. So I tried to contact Oracle by using Live Chat.

Fernando, the guy on the other side of Live Chat, was fast to response:

Please contact our technical support in My Oracle Support.

Well, I was redirected from My Oracle Support to Live Chat.

Okay, so basically I was too late to join the party. Apparently, Oracle Cloud Free Tier is for their first two lucky customers. Too bad they have run out of resources for those who look for something free.

I tried another hundred times in different days. No luck.

I realized that I didn’t want to use Oracle Cloud any more. I asked Fernando how I could delete my account because Oracle had collected my credit card information. Again, Fernando was fast to response:

There is no option to delete a trial account or to remove credit card information.

Thank you, Oracle, for persuading me not to use their products or services again, ever.

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