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Original Photo by Mohammad Amin Masoudi on Unsplash (I added the emojis on top)

Life Is Not a Bowl of Cherries! At Least Not for Me! 🍒

Hello you! My name is Ayman and I’m writing about my story with cherries and the reason I dislike them so much, I do have a good reason, an almost traumatizing one!

I don’t like cherries, I don’t like cherry cola & I certainly don’t like Dr. Pepper. It all started a long time ago, I was an innocent 8 year old and I liked to go to the city’s kids library with my friends.

The only good pic I could find of that library

Now this isn’t your regular everyday library, back then, this used to be one of the coolest/ fanciest places for a kid to go to. They had everything a child can dream about. They had all of the books, magazines, movies, legos, music, comic books, kids lab, movie lounge and a computer room with video games!

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One of the greatest games I’ve ever played btw!

I will always remember being introduced to & playing classic doom in the computer room and having nightmares about it the same night!

To give you some more context, I was a very picky eater as a kid. I’m actually still one but back then, I drove my parents insane. I didn’t eat most vegetables and fruits, I didn’t eat half the meals my mom cooked, it was crazy. I remember my mom always having to cook me a separate meal (thanks mom, I’m forever grateful for that btw). I was like that since I was a 2 year old according to my parents.

Ok let’s get into it, it was a Thursday afternoon and I was bored (We used to live in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia where Thursday & Friday were the weekend days), I asked my father to take me to the library so I can see my friends and play with them. It was after we’ve all had lunch and my dad was getting ready for his afternoon nap. They were eating some fruits and my dad was kinda pissed at me for refusing to eat any, as usual!

Dad (while looking at me with a smirk): I’ll take you to the library if you eat some cherries!
Me: Hell no! No way, cherries! Plural!
Dad: Well we can’t go if you don’t eat any.
Me: Pleaaase! I hate cherries!
Dad: Ok I’m going for my nap!
Me: OK! I’ll eat one! Only one!
Dad (sighing): Alright! Eat one now in front of me!

I put the cherry in my mouth, I go get dressed and my dad takes me to the library. It was great, felt like a victory at the time since I successfully negotiated with my dad and got to do what I wanted.

Forward to 5 hours later, my dad comes to pick me up. I slowly walk to him, he could feel like something was wrong.

Dad: What’s wrong?
Me (annoyed): Nothing!
Dad: Seriously, what happened?
Me: You’ll be angry!
Me (slightly tearing up): …..
Me: Can I take it out?
Dad: Take what out?
Me: The cherry! 🍒
Dad (astonished): what cherry?
Me: The one you made me eat before you agreed to take me out!
Dad (given up at that point): Yes! Please spit it out! Why didn’t you do that when I left you?
Me: A deal is a deal!

And that’s it, as an innocent kid, it didn’t occur to me that I could spit out the cherry after my dad dropped me off. I pushed it to the side of my mouth and kept it there for over 5 hours. I’ve never eaten cherries since and I don’t think I will any time soon. Thank you for reading this, it is one of my favorite memories with my dad! ❤️

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Me and my dad (may his soul rest in peace) from an old family vacation! Love you dad! ❤️

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