The DNA Code for Starting Your Business

1. Have you struggled since years achieving your career or life goals?
2. Do you have twinkling ideas going around your head along the day?
3. Are you fed up with your day to day job, routine and boss?
4. Do you feel frustrated that your skills are not fulfilled and there is something big out there waiting for you ?

If the answer to the above questions is a BIG “YES!”, then this article is for you, keep reading…

I have the same feeling since my college days, even before, a lot of passion, energetic soul, I can feel ideas popping out of my head like a Volcano, what’s wrong then?!

Successful people who are running successful business share you the same characteristics, even more, you might have other skills they don’t have, however the are key elements that connect the dots for a successful person.

Simple elements complement the DNA code for being successful, simple tweaks that can change you dramatically and increase success acceleration from grandmother speed to Lionel Messi!

Here I am collecting what I have learned through years, things that I have changed in myself, I couldn’t say I have reached the success I am aiming for, however I can feel my wheels are in a better state to accelerate than before.

What I am sharing here is valid as lesson for achieving any goal not just business goals.

1- Know your Goal

It’s not as obvious as it seems to be, are you able to answer those questions: 
1. What’s your goal in life? 
2. Why do you want to open a business? 
3. If I asked you to pick up only one reason for opening your business, what’s that reason? Can you sacrifice the others?
4. Is that goal really what you want? Can you sell your car and home for reaching that goal?

Answer those questions and be honest, write them down in paper, review them from time to time, if you are still alerting your goal, keep iterating, know yourself more and seek advice, you are not ready yet.

Your goals in life and work needs to be coherent, still life is full of challenges, your exercise to understand yourself more and what makes you happy.

2- Don’t be a Perfectionist!

I remember first time I heard my yearly feedback from my manager as being perfectionist, at a first glance I thought that I will getting the next promotion and raise, unfortunately it wasn’t the case, and it was a negative feedback!

Yeah if you are trying to keep everything perfect it’s not going to work, think how many times researchers fail, how many trails did companies have for producing the safe cars we are driving now ?

If you are doing something, as a general strategy experimentation is part of your daily job, experimentation build up incrementally to the main pipeline of your progress, part of your plan to fail (learn) in some experiments, if you move with this strategy you will move faster with much less stress.

During Childhood period, we were accepting to fail (learn), that’s what makes us more creative, be a kid and keep learning.

3- Do many things outside of your main expertise

This will help you stretch your boundaries, know the hidden areas of your brain interest, it will help you define your goals and expand your network, being creative in your thinking and strategies, don’t settle, travel and network.

During my journey to define my goals and understand my skills, I create Maya animations, Photoshop images, video films, wrote code in different languages, explored different topics in Computer Science (AI, Machine Learning, Data Science, Game Design & Development, Robotics, Algorithms), I joined programming contests, I studied courses in Marketing on Coursera at University of Pennsylvania, Technology Entrepreneurship & Start-ups online at MIT, I started a start up with a friend, hired a developer to build me my first start up (similar to Yelp!), I pitched Ideas in First Football Hackathon in London at Google Campus last year ( Augment Reality Mobile App to watch matches as if you are in 3D Cinema ). It was an amazing journey.

By time your will minimize your choices of what you want to do and enrich your skills.

4- Understand your KEY skills & CORE Passion

At the beginning I thought I am a perfect strategy man, then a geek developer, then a creative entrepreneur, basically every one of us might have or actually have some of everything, if your target to be unique know your skill of distinction.

Once you know what are your skills level and what are your distinction skills, match those skills with your goals, for example if your life goal to have a balance between life and work and business goal to build a start-up, start-ups require working 12–15 hours daily in the first few years, are you willing to pay that ? Look at the big picture and plan.

5- Read A LOT, keep learning

I would say this is your brain fuel, this what assures you continuous success and distinction. Read in different areas, meet people from different background and ages. Old scientists used to master different areas of sciences like math, history and astronomy, published books in different areas.Scientists have used biology to solve computer science problems and vice versa, integration of sciences is a key factor of solving world problems.

6- Don’t put a limit to your dreams and be realistic

Both statements could be contradicting at the first glance, however they aren’t, don’t put limits to your dreams. Let’s have an example, you have a dream to work for NASA, do you have the skills to work for NASA? Did you feel embarrassing to say NO?

You can set big dreams, set small milestone goals to achieve your goal, building up skills needed to reach the ultimate goal, if you start looking at the ultimate goal skills without planning you will end up depressed.

Definitely every person has unique skills and this where understanding your skills precedes that point. I do believe nothing is impossible with good planning and dedication, it might take 5–10 years to reach your hard goal, but you will eventually reach.

7- Don’t be the Master of All Trades

Master of all trades master of none, except you plan for it! Apply that rule when you define your goals, understand your skills, building a business plan and selecting your customer or market. At the same time if you plan well, you can achieve more, if your first milestone goal to hit the middle east market, after you earn a bigger market share, then plan to invade European market, then USA market, you are playing in different markets now, if your initial milestone goal to invade all markets, you will master none of them.

8- Surround Your Self With Right People

Every point in this list could be marked as most important, however this one especially I would put on top of list, with the right team, all points could be learned, all mistakes challenges could be passed, team spirit is what makes companies move forward in the toughest situations. Give me a set of coherent medium skills team and I will succeed, give me a non-coherent team of highly skilled people and I will fail.

Team coherent, spirit and skills are key factors of success.

9- Kill your Ego

I read a life changing article one day, how your ego could kill your success and I couldn’t agree more. If you have a high ego to learn or change directions when you make mistakes, you will keep failing. Successful people are masters of smart failures (Learn, read, ask, experiment, not working ? lean and try different way).

10- Plan Your Time

Plan your goals, milestones, and task daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, every 5 years, every 10 years, every 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 years, write down what you want to do in a timely manner, iterate and update list, put that in your office, desktop and bathroom. A task with no time is a hope.

Track your time and analyze how are you utilized towards your goals, are you wasting more time on Facebook? Did you give time for Family? Did you play your daily sport activity? Did you plan for fun & vacations?

I have written here some of lessons I have learn after I passed by thirties, maybe I have missed some, be optimistic and keep going!