Ramblings of a Photographer

It’s Hard Being a Photographer

Photography is my hobby. I love taking pictures of nature and people. I’ve kind of developed a great nag for getting good shots on my camera; partly beacaue I usually refuse to use photo editing software on my photos. The max I’ll go is using an Instagram filter when I’m posting on the platform. I 110% hate using post processing photo software. Call me a rebel, but I feel using photo editing software takes out the skill in photography. With the advent of smartphone cameras, better processing algorithms on phones & filters everyone’s suddenly a good photographer. A crappy shot, can be made to look like a professional shot. Photography is an art, during the Renaissance painters like Da Vinci, Raphael and French painters like Monet and Van Gogh in the 1800s only got one shot to make their masterpieces and as such I believe in the philosophy of getting my photographs done right using the camera.

I Took That Photograph

If I had a separate Facebook album or Instagram account for the number of photos that I’ve taken used by people for their profile pictures, cover photos & Insta photos, it’ll definitely right now be a good 100+ photos. How many have I been credited for? Probably like 15 of them. If anyone is using my photos, I expect them to give me picture credit. Not that I’m trying to show off, but more of as an appreciation for my skill in taking the photo. I’ve been taking photographs for 5 years ever since I got into high school, back then I’d personally message the person posting to give me credits, but as time has moved on I’ve given up hope. I just take solace in the fact that I’m getting better at taking good shots and people are using my photographs.

Watermarks & Portfolio Sites

Many of my friends ask me why I don’t watermark my photos or create a portfolio site. My answer to that is:

0. Effective watermarks must span across an image, making it lose it’s aesthetic & visual viewing appeal.

1. A watermark on any one of the corners is easily bypassed by just cropping the image.

2. As I am not a professional photographer and my friends are the ones using my photos, it’s not like I’m going to sue them for using my photo without giving me credit. I just wish they’d give me credit without me having to subtly indicate to them.

3. Portfolio site? — Laziness. No Time. I’d have to sort less professional photos from the days when I first started and I have this psychological mindset in my head that either I post all my photography collections or none.

Ending Thoughts

If you’re like me and you love taking photos, keep on doing it. I’m the timid person so I often don’t ask for picture credits but you should though! Unless you had to use an insta filter, auto-correction on lightroom and then crop the image to get the right fit. That’s just not art anymore, that’s digital distortion.

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