By José R. Jaén

Because of them is the kingdom of things that they do not know how to win in good deal. And it is necessary to see, in all three cases, how much they end up paying the just for sinners.

Hurray for The Creepers.

Because we have assimilated Creepers as someone toxic, when it does not always have to be.

A Creeper is not just one who passes over others at any price. That, besides a Creeper, is a cocoon. A Creeper is also one who has a goal that is well beyond his capabilities and yet he is not afraid or intimidated by the altitude of the challenge, because he is willing to scale it. And as people know how to climb, the most important thing to get to the top is to correctly fix the anchor points. Intermediate goals that will help you to ascend.

A Creeper is someone who wants to run 15 km in less than 70 minutes. First you will have to consider intermediate goals by varying the anchor points, which in this case could be, for example, duration and distance. First anchor point: the duration. Start for 15 minutes and increase the time to reach 70. Then, change the anchor point and move to the speed, to reduce it gradually. I do not know if it is the correct from the technical point of view and the truth is, that I do not care.

Hurray for The Opportunists.

Why do we have to believe, that an opportunist is only the one who tries to take advantage of one situation at the expense of others? That, besides an opportunist, is an imbecile. An opportunist is also someone who first sees what no one else saw. A business opportunity, life or heart. Because an opportunist is also someone who senses that you are not good with your partner and pretend that you fall in love with him. It will not be fair, or morally faultless, but it only pretends to be happy making you happy. Tell me if it is not lawful and even just that I should try.

And you will tell me what are the opportunities but empty that gives us the reality. Spaces that can be painted with effort, ingenuity and speed on your part. Vessels in which to store new and exciting futures. Someone forgot to put something there, and life is screaming you to put it. You will be better or worse in solving the problem, but for now you have already done half the work that very few do: know how to formulate.

Hurray for The Freeloaders.

Why we have swallowed that taking advantage of something or someone is always wrong. Whoever takes advantage of someone to harm him, is not only a profiteer, he is a wretch.
 To take advantage is also to take the party that even the same person never imagined. Discover the little or much talent that the other has in order to take advantage of it. Taking advantage of someone is also helping you to be useful for a cause. Adopt talent to give you a better life. And if the cause above is noble, why not do it. Why NOT?

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