This article is for the 9th date of the Eureka Advent Calendar.

Who I am?

I am Aymen and I am from Marseille, France, working in Tokyo, Japan.

I joined Eureka in June 2018 as an iOS Engineer. It’s a company developing the dating application Pairs, which help people find their life partners 🌸 and Pairs Engage which is a digital and affordable Marriage Matchmaking Agency helping people to marry as soon as possible.

Why I am talking about this topic

One of my goal recently was to be able to help my team with not only my iOS development skills, but also helping with UI/UX if possible.

So I tried to think about an interesting issue we found out that was happening in our product and that I could try to resolve: Some users think that Pairs Engage is like an Online Dating app ( but it’s not, it’s a digital Marriage Matchmaking service…


Aymen Rebouh

Like learning. You can find me at or

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