personal experience

Film magic:

I've always been a FILM geek which made me decide to move all the way from Sudan to south Africa just to study and learn about the film making process and be part of this great magical industry .


During my 2nd term in my first year of studying a technical course I have been chosen to be working on one of the 3rd year student’s films as a cine assistant.

I had the choice to choose which film I want to assist on according to the gainly time for me . so I chose to be working on Ward film set.

Ward is telling an influential story about a doctor and his patients in a mental hospital . which made all the actors and the crew interact emotionally with the story .

Ive been suggested by a friend to be a photographer of behind the scene and take some shots that show how is the process been done .

but for me it wasn't that simple ,it was a big practicalness of documenting and recording a historical great moments of my life time , these are the videos and the pictures which are going to be shown to my children and my grand children and maybe my grand grand children . for me it wasn't such a pictures to take, it was someone grandpa’s story to tell .


“slate clap in a film scene”

Ive never imagined my self clapping a film board or being so close to actors while they are performing.

it was so regaled and interesting to hear the voice of the clapper saying (scene 18,shot 3 ,take 1) followed by the sound of the clap which will be a sound to remember for ever .

(film crew)

Ive really been astonished by the film crew who did represent the Idea of the teamwork very amazingly which taught me how to work in a group and share my thoughts with others .

being together as a film charters


I think Genss is a genius actor who could go through a big challenge and play a very dramatic dismal charterer of a psychological ailing .

the softhearted genss be affected emotionally by playing a very influential film charterer
genss acting a romantic scene

I won’t lie even I fall in love with the charterer .

giving a very strong face expression showing here tired

JAesse: the hero .

jess is a 2nd year student who has a good understanding to the process of lighting which made him prioritized to construct and deal with the lighting set .

making sure if the light proper

but jesse needed to be in the camera department and deal with the focus because there was no focus puller to deal with it so he has done them both which is regarded as a big role in one film .

the vision

Kristian is the director who was always concentrating on what she want want to do exactly .

her points of view was so clear and accurate .

as a guy who is interesting on being a film director in the future I've really learned too many things from her .

explaining to the cinematographer

as a person who has been doing photography and videoagraphy I was focusing on the shots and angles that she was opting from her point of view, just to gain new skills

sometimes she was going through obsession and depression when she face any problem .

but she was strong enough to deal with it.

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