Crypto exchange Arbitrage BOT (full source)


So, let’s get straight to the point, here is the code of my arbitrage BOT that I ran on Amazon servers and executed on exchange.

If you want to read my full story with exchange, you can read it here :

Now here is the code (NOTE : I m nowhere close to be a developper, it s just a hobby, and even if this code is functionnal, it s definitely not optimized ! Please be indulgent !) :

I could probably give a lot of details here, but I have no idea if this article will be read by anyone, and there are so many topics I could cover that I will simply leave it as is for the moment, and add-up informations from what people ask me over Telegram.

So if you have any questions on what this bot does, or how to run it, feel free to reach me here :

Also, if you want to try out exchange, don’t hesitate to signup using my ref code ! , thanks and enjoy !

Part of the code for Image purpose !


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Crypto enthusiast. Internet addict.

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