Open chrome console (⌘ + option + C)

in the console, Add jQuery:

var script = document.createElement('script');script.src = "";document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(script);

Hover your mouse over the popup.

Image for post
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Press Delete.

Now, you still have blurry text. If you hover over it…

Keyboard Assignments

to assign CAPS LOCK as super key

then use Keyboard Maestro to make the following assignments:

assign ⇪D as a PNG signature and ⇪D Web signature:

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Keyboard Maestro for the PNG page

Got this email.

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Got psyched. Went to store to buy some Prosecco. Got a call. They sounded great. They said my credit card was declined, so I gave my debit card, while still in the store. 5 minutes later I got home. I searched more for the company and found this odd blog with the template text still in the sidenavbar.

NOTE: This tutorial assumes you are fairly comfortable with Bitcoin. That you use and understand the dual components of private and public keys.

I find it surprising how few people actually know about and how to use the vanity pool. The what? Some pool with lots of sexy, vain people hanging around? Sorta. It’s a pool of worker bees, running lots of computation, in a pool, and getting paid equally to get it done. How bitcoin works — but the work is just to get you a Bitcoin address with your name in it. You can see mine below:

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People were compensated something to have their little ASICs hard at work making me an awesome frickin bitcoin address. …

I have an idea for a browser extension that will add a context menu to the forwarding button in Gmail that will allow a user to select a language to translate an entire thread inside Gmail for forwarding to a foreign-language-speaking correspondent.

Time to learn how to do it.

My first Google search, “building Chrome extension with Python” yielded:

This user says that he used a minimal amount of JavaScript when writing his plugin in, which is great because I would prefer to use Python. …

Here I am editing some HTML in bulk. I want to change the class tag to an ID tag for a bunch of items, as well as changing the id to match the filename for each item (minus the file extension.)


<img src="InviousAnim_assets/FLM_Image_1.png" height="179px" width="102px" class=”wlby_2"></img>
<img src=”InviousAnim_assets/FLM_Image_2.png” height=”55px” width="144px" class="wlby_2"></img>
<img src="InviousAnim_assets/FLM_Image_3.png" height="76px" width="76px" class="wlby_2"></img>
<img src="InviousAnim_assets/FLM_Image_4.png" height="142px" width="123px" class="wlby_2"></img>
<img src=”InviousAnim_assets/FLM_Image_5.png" height="109px" width="109px" class="wlby_2"></img>
<img src="InviousAnim_assets/FLM_Image_6.png" height="73px" width="70px” class="wlby_2"></img>
<img src="InviousAnim_assets/FLM_Image_7.png" height="98px" width="97px" class="wlby_2"></img>
<img src=”InviousAnim_assets/FLM_Image_8.png" height="109px" width="109px" class="wlby_2"></img>
<img src="InviousAnim_assets/FLM_Image_9.png" …

Choosing a Set of Passwords

Today I migrated from my busted old mac using a thunderbolt cable. I had to book into target disk mode and remember the password to my encrypted disk. I have always been weary of password management applications such as 1Password because I believe that they relieve the mind of having to keep track of a set of passwords. I have devised a technique that works for me.

Have a 5 word passsphrase generated from random words, (my favorite is to use DiceWare) replacing some of the letters with numbers, and intentionally misspelling some of the words. …

Aymon Fournier

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