I think that the Clintons are just like the Bush family, and have many more deeply entrenched ties to corporate interests that are not visible to the populace, at the end of lace of the propaganda machine, and within the machine. She was vetted, Trump was told to run because Trump would love running and would have lots of fun, it wouldn’t matter, it would energize the xenophobes, and trump himself is probably not completely in on it, but whomever is paying is pleased: on one side we have the one corporate person who we can rely on to make deals into law for corporations and specific people who head them, and on the other, we have someone the GOP can’t even begin to chastise for fear they would lose their xenophobe demographic. Someone laughed and thought it was a great idea and now we have to vote for the dilution of civil rights etc, war profiteering, and under the guise of voting “liberal” under the DNC.

I hope that people break out, realize the real election was within the DNC, it was stolen, made public, and because of its structure, it seems less serious than a general being stolen — but that was the real election.

So it’s been stolen, and we have our dictator, the chosen supposedly liberal figurehead that with 81.5% certainty will blow away the guy nobody likes.

So revolt, against Trump, because no one wants him and he is just a token harbinger, (even though he may or may not know that,) and against Hillary, in order to create a venue for a non-corporate-controlled democracy, and to start reforming the policies governing money in politics in this country.

Because we are approaching huuuuuge changes in technology/medicine right now, and morality, re: selfishness/greed needs to keep pace or we can’t go on.

I say vote Green so we can get three people on stage.