SWARM Training Reading list

Starfish and the spider — Ori Brafman & Rod Beckstrom (basic introduction to decentralized organization)

On front loading:

  • Twelve steps and the twelve traditions— AA
  • Leadership and the new science — Margaret Wheatley
  • Making Things work — Yaneer Bar-Yam

On Characteristics of Decentralized Organization:


  • Reinventing organizations — Frederic Laloux (good case studies and describe well the elements of those organizations)
  • Swarmwise — Rick Falkvinge
  • Qeswachaka (film), directed by Jose Huaman Turpo

Relational Culture:

  • Culture of Radical Engagement Participant Guide— The Relational Center
  • Loneliness — John Cacioppo & William Patrick

Decision-making and information flow:

  • Reinventing organizations — Frederic Laloux
  • The Network weaver — June Holley

Branches, Function and Roles:

  • The Permanent Revolution — Alan Hirsch

On SWARMING capacities:

  • The Perfect SWARM — Len Fisher
  • Emergence — Steven Johnson
  • A Guide to Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing— Paul Sloane