SWARM Webinar Training Series

Ayni Institute
Feb 27, 2017 · 2 min read
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SWARM 1: What is Decentralized Organization? Part 1

In this module we describe the basic trends and environment that around decentralized organization.

SWARM 2: What is Decentralized Organization? Part 2

Here we seek to explain the dynamics of centralization and decentralization, and where your organization falls on that spectrum. We also go over the basic language needed to understand, design and build decentralized organizations.

SWARM 3: How Things get done in a Decentralized Organization?

In this module we focus on the five major characteristics of decentralized organization. First, we start with the management structure: what is the difference between command & control, on the one hand, and self-management, on the other? Second, we dive into the culture of your organization: is the priority production or relationships? Third, we ask: how are resources and decision-making distributed — are they hoarded by a few or shared among many? Fourth, we proceed to understand how roles and responsibilities are organized. Lastly, we conclude with the importance of infrastructure for communication.

SWARM 4: Self-Organizing Decentralized Network Part 1

In collaboration with Samantha Corbin of Movement Netlab, we explain the different shapes of decentralized networks and formal organizations, including the elements of each network and the condition for its health. We thank Movement Netlab for their collaboration on this training!

SWARM 5: Self-Organizing Decentralized Networks Part 2

In this module we seek to explain deeply the different components of a self-organizing decentralized network. You can find more information about this presentation and the work of Movement Netlab here: http://movementnetlab.org

SWARM 6: Self-Organizing Decentralized Networks (Scales & Ecology) Part 3

In this module we focus on the different scales that we are trying to reach with our organizations and how to organize those people in multiple layers. We also analyze the dynamics of how different organizations relate to each other in an ecosystem.

SWARM 7: Roles & Functions Part 1

In this module, we seek to understand the function of your organization. While many organizations have a nicely written mission statement about what they do, most of the time the mission doesn’t align with reality. Lissy and James walk participants through understanding the function of their organizations in relation to the broader ecosystem.

SWARM 8: Roles & Functions (APEST) Part 2

In this module we focus on the different activities needed in an organization to be healthy.

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