The Long View

Dear friends,

5 years ago, one month after surgery, I left to Peru for a long journey — I was clearly lost after being sick for most of 2013 due to an immune disorder. Although doctors never gave me an answer for its cause, I assume it was the 4 years where, at the height of the DREAM movement, I traveled 20 out of 30 days per month. In my journey to Peru, I met a very special person. He became my mentor and introduced me to a world that changed my life. He shared with me the long history of my culture, of our species and of life.

This sharing began to give me a longer perspective about life and organizing, a much needed medicine for the illness of overwork. When I returned to the States, I proceeded to learn from him about this long perspective of history. After talking to him 3 times a week for 3 years, a group of close collaborators and friends put together the Long View.

During the Long View, Dec 2015

The Long View was a training that dared to put together 5,000 years of history in 6 days. During those magical days at the Watershed Center we began to uncover the billions-long story of life, the core traits of our species and the histories of the people of Africa, Europe, Mesoamerica and the Andean world. Most of us left that room feeling transformed by the experience of seeing the long arc of history.

Since then many people have asked me about the next one, but soon after, I focused on other trainings, building a new movement (Cosecha) and responding to our current political crises. But last year, all that changed when my mother became a cancer survivor and I had to step out of everything in order to take care of her with my family.

This break brought the Long View back, and that’s why we’re bringing 4 indigenous elders from the Amazon and Andes to the US.

Our teachers

If you’re interested in gaining a new perspective of life from the great indigenous traditions of South America, come join us at our Wisdom (Yachay) Seminar.

This is truly a special and unique gathering. The Long View happened in late 2015, so a long time has passed for us to bring together a sequel to that great experience. To learn more, you can also read my recent post “5 reasons to be grateful about the Yachay Seminar.

Hope to see you there,

Carlos Saavedra