The Nurturing Power of April Showers

The rain showers throughout April have brought us beautiful flowers all around Boston. Just as the rain nurtures the seeds to grow, at Ayni we continue to nurture the projects and programs we launched just a few months ago. Keep reading to see what we’ve been up to in April.

Social Movements

This month we continued with the #MovementSeries, hosting “Advanced Organizational Design”, an event specifically designed for organizational directors and leaders.

Carlos facilitated the event and used his many years of experience as a movement leader to guide the conversation. We workshopped some common problems that our organizations face at the surface and depth levels, and we discussed how to make strategic design and structural choices to improve our organizations.

Coming up next: Want to learn more about Political Power and Organizing? Carlos will lead this workshop on June 12th.

Sacred Seasons

On May 2nd we celebrated the Day of the Chakana, an Andean holiday marking the day when the Southern Cross constellation is directly above the Southern Pole.

Zadir Milla, one of our elders from Peru, taught us about the significance of the day and the importance of the chakana symbol. We also created a table of offerings in gratitude to Mother Earth for all of the growth we have experienced in the Spring so far.

Coming up next: Celebrate the Summer Solstice with Ayni and welcome in the new season on Saturday, June 22nd! We will also mark Ayni’s 6th birthday!

Memory Keeping

This month we have continued our work to fundraise for the fourth film of The Mysteries of the Andes series created by our elders Jose Huaman Turpo and Alejandrina Calancha Monge.

We celebrated Earth Day with a film screening of “Voices that Heal,” the most recent film in the series. The film was followed by a lively discussion about what it means to support indigenous communities as they face increasing threats from loss of territory, language, and traditions.

We also have an exciting update about the film! Director José Huamán Turpo spent the last few weeks in Bolivia, where he visited several communities around Lake Titicaca. He has been filming the celebrations of the Day of the Chakana, which is celebrated on May 2nd. He was able to show us some of his work in the field when he joined our Daylong Livestream-thon on May 4th.

Meanwhile, we have been doing some work behind-the-scenes to set up more public events such as screenings and fundraisers in the Boston area. Stay tuned as we will announce the dates and locations for these events soon!

Coming up next: Will you join us for great food, dance, and music to support our work? Attend our Spring Dance on Saturday, May 25th to learn more about us and our projects.

This event is hosted in collaboration with Neighbors United for a Better East Boston (NUBE). Ayni’s proceeds from the event will go towards funding the fourth film.

Our Voices

At the beginning of the month we hosted our Day of Learning with Indigenous Authors, Educators, and Elders. Since then, we have taken some time to celebrate and be grateful for all of the support we received from the community to make this event a success. We are thoughtfully planning for the next few months of Our Voices and will be announcing our next events soon!

This past month we also published the third edition of the Voices of Wisdom newsletter. The newsletter sought to honor the Earth in celebration of Earth Day and thank the elders who joined us for the Day of Wisdom. Sign up for the newsletter today and help us continue to grow Our Voices this Spring!

We are grateful to be able to continue nurturing our projects and growing our seeds with you by our side. April and its rain showers have nourished us as an organization, and we are excited to see more flowers blooming in this new month!