Quitting a man which u r in love.

January 8, 2016, I got a wats app message from him, inviting me to Istanbul, Turkey. I was delaying the Istanbul trip for almost 6 months, because travel isnt lovely alone, u need some one to give love to u while in travel I think.

He invited me to Istanbul, we were just couchsurfing friends, when he came to my city we spent 2 days together in my city, and felt some emotional ties towards each others.

And almost a year later, now he invited me to Istanbul and to guide me there. He guided me the city, and while driving held my hand all the time, which drove me to bind emotional ties with him.

My trip’s First day look of Istanbul Bosphorus

We were together all the day, and second day also he spent with me and we went to the cinema 2 times in which we were always together putting my hands on his shoulders etc, and all the time we were hand in hand. Our breakfast, lunch all were together.

But I cannot forget him from the day I left Istanbul. He is always on my mind.

As I understand he doesnt plan his future with me, he was just a travel guide.

Well, I feel so bad, I cannot sleep and thinking on him all the time.

How to forget the guy that u like? I would be more than happy if u give any recommendations to me.

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