Small Beginnings

Onwards to the polls

Yes, I am using a google search picture, bite me

Elections (and by extension democracy) can be very weird as regards how polarizing they are. The idea here is to let people take their aggressions and grievances to the ballot boxes. However, in the months leading up to the “polls”, all the adrenaline that would be spent on a thumbprinting machine, leaks out in conversations at the office water cooler, in traffic when a fanatic supporter with your opps bumper sticker cuts you off, at the beer parlor when you find your favourite spirit has had an upward price review to match its new look. So, to help form words for the average liberal Nigerian, I am thinking to put out another publication, “Ravings of a Mad Man”.

Ravings because, for the most part, I will channel all my rant energy here, and Mad man because to be frank, I am quite upset about the electorate. Speaking plainly, this series would just be a treatise on Nigerian psychology, using elections and campaign behavior as the launchpad.

I think it will be fun, as much fun as Nigerian rants could be, and I will do my best to avoid getting into trouble for this one.

Wish me luck 🤞



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