Radio is a killer traditional channel for lead gen!?


Radio can be a killer traditional channel for lead gen. That is according to Kirill Kniazev. “In my current role as lead gen manager for a digital agency, it’s by far the #1 tool for me to get qualified leads”. He added, “In terms of volume — and my ads are running in off-peak times”.

Traditional + digital = winning marketing.

In principle, the idea is pretty simple. Create a quick, clear ad copy that will be played over the radio that directs listeners to go a landing page. Create a landing page that extrapolates on the ad copy a bit and has a short conversion form in place to capture lead info. Make a very simple custom URL, which people can 1. easily remember and 2. Spell. re-use that URL for every new ad campaign, so it sticks.

He elaborates, “There are obviously many little intricacies and technical gears in place which make it all a well-oiled machine, but it is that — a lead gen machine”.

How well did it work?

“Right now, the agency is on pace to more than double the amount of leads they generated last year”.

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