Dream Big

Right from a very young age has my father been giving me books, mostly motivational books to read such as Gifted Hands, Think Big, Richest Man in Babylon, Rich Dad Poor Dad and Think and Grow Rich to name but a few. He did this in a bid to make me cultivate the habit of reading. Little did I know this was forming a basis for my personal growth and value creation in life.

Most of these books and motivational speakers make emphasis on Dreaming Big, Thinking Big, and so on. If all it ever takes is to dream big, then I should be on my bed dreaming big all day and night. The truth is nothing happens happens by just dreaming big but by working your big dreams into reality. Yes, WORK! It takes enough work to get the desired. Even an investor wants to see something tangible.

I want to try as much as possible not to sound too spiritual but what can I do? Do your "Dreaming Big" in the presence of God, then divine purpose meets with talent, passion and interests and the least you can expect is a destiny explosion.

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