I Am An Ambassador


amˈbasədər,-ˌdôr (an authorized messenger or representative.)

Today i came to an in depth understanding of this world, note that i say ‘in depth’ because there’s a big difference between understanding and having an in depth understanding of a subject.

I watched a youtube interview clip of Atinuke Ogunlesi, the founder and CEO of Ruff n Tumble; a high-end kids clothing line in Nigeria, she spoke about the bad image Nigeria has, and the experience she had with Switzerland airport security in Zurich when she presented that beautiful green booklet called the Nigerian Passport. This is not news to me has have read and heard thousands of chronicles about airport experiences and maltreatment of Nigerians due to our reputation.

Yesternight i watched a clip of Sir Tafewa Balewa (the first head of government/Prime Minister of Independent Nigeria) visit to the United States in 1960s, the welcome and honor giving to him was nothing short of Royalty, and woow that man can speak, was so in love and mesmerised by his diction and eloquence, and i just wondered where it all went south but i digress.

A friend once told me that we as Christian must come to the understanding that our lives is the Bible so many people will read before we talk to them about Christ or before they pick an actual bible to read, remembering this i thought to myself that with so much bad press, bad reputation, Negative news being broadcasted about Nigeria and Africa at large, i may be the only portal of information some people will ever have about the true representation and knowledge of Nigeria and Africa.

The perception Americans have about Africa has been skewed by what they watch on FOX, CNN and that ubiquitous giant called HOLLYWOOD, the most painful part for me is the African-American kids i meet, who ask me some of the most insulting and condescending question you can think of about Africa, and i can’t blame them because i realized there knowledge is based on what they hear from the media and what some of their teachers at school teach them about Africa.

So i am an ambassador of 170 million Nigerians and 1.5billion Africans. Have decided portray and project what it truly means to be an African anywhere i go, its time to change misconceptions one environment at a time.

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