One of my favorite hobbies is thinking, i know what you are thinking; who doesn't think and who takes thinking as an hobby. Well i do this because i just want to have a deep understanding of things. The book of proverbs in the Bible talks about wisdom being the principal thing and getting understanding is of utmost importance as well.

Lately have been thinking about my life a lot, going through self introspection and retrospection. Thinking of my life goals and desires, and have come to this conclusion….LIVE NOW. Have heard this phrase so many times, i even thought i had a grasp of what it really meant, but deeper reflection on the word,made me realize whatever i am today is what i will be tomorrow. The future we all quest for, we all seek, the dream we all wish to come through is already in motion.

Bishop David Oyedepo always told us during my undergraduate days that, “Has the Morning Shows the Day, so thus, the Boy show the Man”. Every Mango seed has the potential to be a Mango Tree, but we all are the seed looking at other Mango Trees and wishing we are like them, or we are them. Have come to realize that the word Future is bogus and abstract if we keeping looking at it with the perspective of a long discovery voyage, rather than a simple taxi drive to our next destination.

A Mango seed to a Tree, takes a process, a lot of subjection, tilling, grooming to achieve its ubiquity.

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