Hyperlocal Content In Nigeria: A Case Of
Folarin Okunola

Hyperlocal Content: My Thoughts

Since it might be too late to set up Ibadan Daily or www.lekkiherald.com, an app that replicates what Nextdoor does will go a long way in fixing the gap.

The traditional channels won’t work because the consumers (millennials, youths) are wired differently. An app that is global/national yet hyperlocal can work. Nextdoor won’t expand to Nigeria — at least not yet. It won’t also work “as is” in Nigeria or Africa. I personally find the platform fascinating (caveat: I don’t have user experience, just listening to the founder and reading about the platform)

Having a channel like this will create positive value from politics to business to education and entertainment.

Can you imagine, your local artisan probably commutes long-distance to meet you and still does a horrible job. Won’t life be easier if you can check Yelp like ratings for artisans nearby while looking for the phone number of the responsible traffic officer in your neighbourhood.

We should find a replacement for the good old town crier. I am sure they ran some local adverts while delivering news from the king. We should replace the more recent newspaper joint (local gist plus national news)

So over to the resourceful generation to build something that truly creates value.

Ayokunle Ojo

@ayolope on Twitter