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“We just want a seat at the table”, my friend said over the phone. Two nights ago, I was on the phone with a dear friend of mine where she was discussing with me the anger and the pain that she felt regarding the murder of the Asian women in Georgia Tuesday evening. She let her boss know that she wasn’t able to work that day and she had been weeping right before speaking to me.

My friend and I have been talking about Asian hate for approximately a year now due to the increase in hate crimes and racist…

Excellence! Front and center

American poet Amanda Gorman reads a poem during the 59th inaugural ceremony at the U.S. Capitol on January 20, 2021. Photo: Patrick Semansky-Pool/Getty Images

To all the Black women in America, whether old or young, I want you to know that we are bold, brave, and beautiful. Three Black queens— Vice President Kamala Harris, former First Lady Michelle Obama, and Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman — reminded me of this truth on Inauguration Day.

As Obama arrived with her tall, burgundy jumpsuit, Twitter shrieked with excitement over her outfit. When Harris was announced as the first woman, and first Black and Asian-American vice president, we were all reminded of the fact that history was finally being made in America. …

The answer to that question should be obvious. Instead, ask how you can help.

Black woman protesting the grand jury decision in Breonna Taylor’s case.
Black woman protesting the grand jury decision in Breonna Taylor’s case.
A woman chants as people protest the grand jury decision in the Breonna Taylor case on September 23, 2020 in Denver, United States. Photo: Michael Ciaglo/Getty Images

As a Black woman, on September 23, 2020, I felt numb — very numb.

I have already dealt with a lot of hurt and disappointment this year, but today I, and the rest of the country, found out that Breonna Taylor did not get full justice. The police officer who murdered her was not found to be at fault in her death. In fact, one of the officers was charged for three felony accounts due to the bullets that entered the other apartments, not for the bullets that entered her body.

Yes, you heard that right. He was charged for…

My nutritionist made me eat brownies as much as I wanted, then I lost interest

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I was the sugar queen. I could eat so much sugar at once and remain a certain size because the next day or a few days after, I went back to my strict dieting habits.

We have all been there, right? We have those moments when we feel like we can’t keep sugar in the house because we may overindulge. I did this because I thought it was effective. However, it just led to more sugar binge fests.

I struggled with this for years, but at some point, I got tired — tired of the sugar binges, so I went…

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Okay, let us do the math together..

Let’s say that you spend 2 hours on social media every single day and there are approximately 31 days in a month.

2hrs * 31 days = 62 hours a month

Since there are 12 months in a year, we have: 62 hours * 12 months = 744 hours a year.

Then, let’s assume that you started using social media when you were 14 and you live until you are 90 years old. That would be 76 years of social media usage.

744 hours a year* 76 years = 56544 hours from the…

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When I was younger, I wanted to be skinner and lighter. I eventually let go of the desire to be lighter, but continually clung to this pursuit of ‘thinness’. At school, I saw White and Black girls who were very thin and in society, I felt like that body type was constantly praised. When I attended a summer high school program, a White, thin girl from Lithuania was constantly praised as beautiful and considered a model because of her tiny frame. But, I was not as thin as her, so although I was tall, I did not receive the same…

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