See for me is a domestic invasion thriller that throws some curve balls at its target market. Inside the vein of mike flanagan’s hush, see for me stars skyler davenport as sophie, a younger blind girl who’s cat and house sitting in a bougie domestic in upstate ny. What have to be a ordinary job for sophie turns into a nightmare when she must live on 3 home invaders. The film joins a developing subgenre of horror that facilities on individuals with disabilities, however who aren’t held returned by using them.

See for me is an thrilling domestic invasion thriller that dares to assignment viewers with a complex lead, despite the fact that it extremely fumbles the execution. The idea is simple sufficient and the home invasion survival mystery is a staple inside the horror genre. See for me has number one elements that make it a compelling watch — the protagonist is blind, outsourcing assist through an app known as “see for me,” and she or he is stubbornly unsympathetic. It is an thrilling tactic to have the target audience rooting for her, but it’s difficult to when sure information about her come to light and whilst her abrasive “i need to do things by myself” mind-set is needlessly harsh to well-which means people. However, this dynamic makes for an thrilling enjoy because the meek mouse in this risky cat-and-mouse sport is simply as feral and threatening as the cat.

See for me (extra afterward the titular virtual provider for assisting imaginative and prescient-impaired people) facilities on former prodigy skier sophie (skyler davenport transitioning from first rate videogame voiceover paintings right into a promising stay-movement debut that accurately utilizes their felony blindness, ensuring that there are enough character layers to shop this domestic invasion mystery from feeling too gimmicky), now blind, lives with her over-stressful mom but spends greater time housesitting high priced mansions in upstate new york. Right away throwing reviewer belief off-balance, it’s additionally revealed that sophie isn’t always as harmless as one may anticipate, pushing back towards the usual verbal condescending remedy from the capable-bodied and making matters even via stealing some ordinary however luxurious gadgets for resale (inclusive of a bottle of wine worth thousands of dollars).

This moral gray place is traversed together with her pal cam (keaton kaplan) who remotely advises what is worth stealing and reselling, despite the fact that he’s getting bored with assisting sophie out with her thievery. And whilst one may initially be get rid of sophie’s moves, there’s also some thing refreshing and well worth embracing approximately a disabled individual shaded with flaws and questionable justification, specifically as we see a cab driver perhaps move a chunk too some distance imparting assist. Make no mistake approximately it, sophie also has a streak of stubbornness, however it’s smooth to empathize with now not looking to be handled dumb, some thing that appears to manifest plenty. It’s probably doubly irritating thinking about she has long past from one of the most celebrated beneath-18 skiers to this way of existence following everlasting vision loss.

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