GamyFi wants to see blockchain and decentralization gain global acceptance. By developing a blockchain-based system, everyone and everywhere can enjoy sports and games.
The utilization of a sports and gaming platform will help to increase cryptocurrency adoption and awareness. This type of service is costly, and the average user earns approximately 0. We expect to fix this problem by tokenizing the platform.A gaming platform is made up of multiple programs, games, and other elements.E-sports-related products are available. The registration of a small number of people is required. Others can be mixed and matched It's a web3 wallet.
The foundation consists of... GamyFi (GFX) is the GamyFi platform's native token, which is used to reward users and enable them to use the platform's apps. A total of 10 million tokens are available. The token will be available for purchase on the following platforms:
Poloniex, Ethereum, and the Binance smart chain Multiple applications, games, and services make up a gaming platform.
Products relating to e-sports. Only a small number of persons are necessary to register. , as well as others, can be combinedIt's simply a wallet that works with web3.
The platform is made up of the following components:

Sports Betting

Make your own fantasy sports squad by combining players from both sides.
In real-time, collect points based on each player's excellent performance. a participant
The player who scores the most points is the winner. Football, cricket, rugby, baseball, and a variety of other sports are all popular in the United States.
There's a lot more.
NFT Games and Marketplace
Collect, play, purchase, or sell items. In the world of NFTs, anything is conceivable.
LotteryPurchase tickets through GFX and join the pool to be the luckiest in receiving the prize.a huge prize

Market Prediction

Predict and communicate the outcomes of events, elections, and sporting events.Pool for the winner

Multiplayer PVP Games

GamyFi synchronizes with multiplayer games in real-time and generates custom content rooms. Play with other GamyFi users or your pals. Make the most of your abilities to land a job.a piece of the prize pool.




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