Every business may it be large or small is vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks. That is why as many companies become aware of the impact these hackers can do to their businesses’ data and the more hackers develop advance schemes, the greater is the demand for cybersecurity professionals. Companies should realize that taking precautionary measures needed to secure vital data is a must, so conducting thorough penetration test throughout the year can combat hackers’ efforts.

But traditional ways to combat cybersecurity attacks are not feasible to small businesses because finding and placing qualified cybersecurity professionals is very time consuming and costly. In penetration tests performed by cybersecurity firms, clients pay for services in terms of total billable hours regardless of the test results and there can only be one or two pentesters assigned to do the job. On the other hand, in Bug Bounties, clients pay per-vulnerability-uncovered basis. Pentesters just uncover the vulnerabilities present and that’s it because they are being paid per vulnerability after all. Some do not bother to provide in-depth research analysis to its clients.

Problems on cost efficiency, lack of resources and irrelevancy in reporting that exist in the Traditonal Penetration Testing are solved by Buglab. Buglab can help small businesses as well as the large ones by offering them a unique, competitive, rewarding, and easy-to-use platform to address the growing need on cybersecurity. It will assist companies in whatever industry it may be- Retail, IT, Finance etc. to uncover security gaps they may not know about but should be aware of.

At the center of Buglab's ecosystem, there are two programs - the Buglab Contest and Vigilante Protocol. In Buglab Contest, Buglab connects businesses or organizations that have information security needs with a network of certified cybersecurity penetration testers in an incentivized environment. Buglab incentivizes each researcher to be the first to uncover the maximum number of significant vulnerabilities, and to obtain the highest score, based upon a grade attributed to each. This type of scoring system encourages the community to act in a manner that is effective, thorough, and efficient. The testers are rewarded based on their collective discoveries in time-limit competitions. Here, pentesters are rewarded as they uncover system vulnerabilities that are ranked by severity and potential impacts. In the other program – Vigilante Protocol, Buglab provides an opportunity for whitehats (security researchers who use hacking skills to identify security weaknesses) to share their own vulnerability discoveries. They then work with Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRT) and Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERT) all over the world to verify those discoveries and notify companies at risk. With Buglab, clients can decide to either use the mass of pentesters or choose a validated team from a known company. Teams must include no fewer than five pentesters. They customize the services depending to their organizational needs.


Solution with their functions
Buglab is provide you with the solution to attach corporations to the worldwide community of professional cybersecurity researchers. Through supplying incentivized environment, pen testers are rewarded for solving system vulnerabilities in a quick time frame.

Public contest – in this, when company shared their provided facts and released the contest, the network gets a public invitation to take part.
Private contest – for final touch of challenge or a undertaking, customers additionally have the option to select a pick wide variety of pen testers or authorized crew from the cybersecurity network.
Choice filters – customers have alternative of choosing pen testers as consistent with the filtration which includes u . S . A ., rating, skillset and so forth.
Leaderboard – additionally supplying dashboard with ranking machine of pen testers that's based totally on their experience and outcomes on the platform. This facilitates the clients to locate first-rate pen testers for his or her mission and make them easier to select participants for a private venture.
Mediation – whilst clients opt to control their task by using themselves then pen tester from the community ask for mediation from buglab crew. They get details regarding the motive of the confrontation and examine it consequently.
Other aspect, on offering vigilante protocol, they allow whitehat researchers to document on machine vulnerabilities of a employer. They invite organizations to reward the whitehats in the shape of elective recommendations after they finished the challenges.
Who will be most interested in the Buglab project?
It is worth highlighting at once 3 categories of users who will be able to find benefit from Buglab.
Representatives of medium and small businesses. This is an excellent opportunity to save considerably, but at the same time to choose the ideal protective mechanisms for existing information.
Companies that deal with the development of protective systems. They will be able to obtain true statistics to improve existing products, create innovative solutions using accurate data.
Hackers who are willing to help, not harm people. This is an excellent opportunity to earn a serious income, using their own skills for this. Monetize the efforts will be able to specialists who are ready to find mistakes in firms, to help owners with their elimination. This approach is mutually beneficial for the parties.

Token Matrix


Token – BGL
Total Supply – 425,000,000
Price Per Token – $0.15 USD
Soft Cap – $6M USD
Hard Cap – $20M USD
Pre-Sale – 30th June 2018
Public Sale – Q3 2018



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