DISCLAIMER : I do not assume myself as a professional writer or linguist. As a matter of fact, I am assuming, I would be breaking so many rules and making blunders. However, the sole purpose of this write up is to express myself as I would verbally, and hoping that as I share bit and pieces from everyday experiences, some folks will be encouraged and many will be inspired. I also hope my articles will help someone, and will be a learning platform for myself as well. This would be 100% authentic and undiluted.

Why I started writing:

It took me about a 1000 years (ironically speaking) before I could commit to writing and making my thoughts public. I literally had to figure out life myself, and through the ups and down, I thought it would be nice to share and help someone out there. I have developed the habit of keeping a journal, and learning and unlearning a lot of things. While I do not know it all; I am happy to share things as they are.

I started writing because no one wants to be real, and not too many people have the courage to say things as they are. We literally live in a world of lies and camouflage. Perfect Instagram pictures but we’re miserable.

Having gone through several stages in life; I am only a young boy with a lot of experiences, and depending on what stage you’ve met me in life, it’s certainly would have created a perspective of me to you.

From the challenges of early childhood, to the most recent depression I conquered by chance. I have a lot to share. For me, sharing this nugget and making them publicly available is my way of trying to make the world a better place.

And this is why I started writing. I am Ayoola Moore.