Why I dropped my last name

One of the most frequently asked question I get asked recently was — “why I dropped my last name”. Family and friend are curious to know why, and really, it’s nothing personal I must say, it’s just business. #smile.

For me, I could connect more to “Moore”, and I didn’t just want to have a name that is just a name.

Moore is like the voices I hear at the back of head, constantly saying- there’s more to you…

Moore is symbolic and gives me a personal responsibility for my life and the life of the generation after mine.

Moore is a reminder that I am responsible for my life and everything therein.

Moore is a reminder that each passing day, I have to make an attempt to be a better man.

Moore is the dissatisfaction of mediocrity and the quest for distinction. Its building capacity of the future with the resources of the present.

Moore to me, is a promise to myself, to keep searching, to keep finding more and never be satisfied until eventually, I found what Moore looks like.

Moore is a commitment that says- “until I’m empty, I will not quit”

Moore is deeply more personal to me and I can relate more to it than I relate to my previous last name — Onaolapo.

Moore is a remind to be the best version of myself.

Moore is a commitment that say- if anything stands in my way, I’ll take it off, just as I easily took my last name off.

Moore is the sound of preparedness. I am definitely prepared.

Moore is when you think out the box and rewire your brain and thinking without sentiment.

Moore is like a seed… It will grow
Moore to me will be the satisfaction to my soul that I was everything I could be, and I went for it, with shaking hands, with fear, but courage in spite of all

Moore is broad spectrum, you never really know its end.

Moore simply means — More

While some of my documents still bear Ayoola Onaolapo, I would like to be addressed properly as Ayoola Moore until the changes are affected across all documents.