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Stealing of diesel from trucks is a common practice among actor(s) in the “down-steam” sector of the truck business in Nigeria. “If you park your truck just to take a few minutes nap after a long journey, by the time u wake up if u are not careful over 25 litres of diesel would have been stolen ” said a long journey haulage driver.

Diesel thieves strive in the business because they get to sell the product quickly without any delay of reward. For example a 25 litres diesel @ N180 goes for N4,500 in the filling station but at the black market it goes for N3,000 so therefore long distance truck drivers prefers to patronize the road side diesel sellers because it is cheap and it is easier to access.

How do this thieves steal over 25 litres of diesel in few minutes?

The answer is pretty simple, they insert a hose and sip the fluid to a container even on motion (that is common in Apapa port in Lagos) after they might have gotten rid of the iron protection at the tank cover simultaneously.

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How do you frustrate the diesel thieves from stealing your diesel?

Have you heard of Anti-Siphon for trucks? If No click to know more.

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This simple kit helps to frustrate diesel thieves to the extent that it will take them over 1 hour to steal 5 litres of diesel because the only way to access the diesel will mean that they will have to go under the truck’s tank with some tools to un-screw the screw underneath it before waiting patiently for it to drop gradually (and that can take a lot of time) which means before getting a frustrating quantity of diesel, the owner would have returned to his truck.

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So when next someone steals diesel from your truck, just remember this article and solve the problem.

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