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If you interview any truck driver today and you ask him a question, what do you value the most in a truck? He will most definitely include “tyres”. Probe why? He will tell you it is important because it helps make his trip seamless. Am sure you agree with him right? Am sorry to say, HE IS A LIAR! The main reason why he so much fell in love with your truck tyres is because “it is a goldmine” for him and HE WILL SELL IT let me repeat HE WILL SELL IT!

A tyre of measurement 11'’22.5 costs N60,000 (i.e makers like: Torque, Basoon,Sailum etc) if you go for Michelin then you might be budgeting for up to N120,000 a piece. If you intend to replace a 20tns truck of 10 tyres you will be spending 10 x N60,000 = N600,000 (for the cheaper ones) every 6 months (normally but that is subject to some factors) so that means you will be spending N1,200,000 on tyres yearly (that’s a lot).

A fairly used tyre of the same measurement at the parallel market sells at N30,000, that’s a cool cash for a driver who wants to entertain his road-side chicks and take some bottles of beer on his way to the East coast of Nijja lol. He is at liberty to sell 2 out of the 10 tyres at first then subsequently 1 until he finally decides to have a pity on the owner by retaining the 2 brand new tyres in the front aisle of the truck, maybe i should say he did it for himself because he knows if anything goes wrong with the front tyres then he might loss his life (don’t be scared, he will start selling the tyres from the 3rd month of purchase).

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The situation is even worst for owners or managers who do not monitor their truck tyres. For those who do, perhaps you are the type that signals on your tyres through paint spraying, well don’t be shocked, the driver might as well have his own spraying machine. If you are the smart type, then be expecting stories such as : “on our way to Jebba just before reaching Oyo our tyres exploded so in order not to delay the goods we had to negotiate with a furganizer so he sold a fairly used tyres for us for N10,000, Oga! You will pay me back oooo” or “ on our way we were robbed by heavily armed truck robbers so we had to run for our lives, before we returned to call for help they had removed our tyres plus the rim thank God we had an extra tyre. Oga it seems a furganizer was part of the robbery squard” etc etc Everything na story, it’s all bulls**t! Please note these stories are common among drivers going a long distance (e.g Lagos-Sokoto).

What can you do to ensure you get an optimal utility for your truck tyres such that you would have earned your returns on the tyres before replacing them? Then you might need to contact me for consultancy Ayoola Ashiru™ or email bye for now.