A Thought Experiment About Thoughts

Internal combustion of a clouded mind by erlangwind

The world of the mind is a strange place, a place where contradictions exist and houses are built on their roofs. A lot of people have discovered this and thus warn against placing absolute trust in the machinations of the mind because it doesn’t represent the actual world.

But what if the opposite were the case, what if the reason we can’t trust our minds isn’t because it’s a poor representation of reality, but because it is exactly like reality in its complexity? Because we do not fully know how it comes to its conclusions and just like reality, it’s indifferent to our best interests?

How would that change our attitudes? Would knowing that our thoughts care nothing for us cause us to treat them with more caution or assess them more rigorously?

Would it lead to the end of hubris and pave the way to a more self-aware humanity?

Or would it lead to greater anxiety and paranoia?

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