This is an article I wrote back in August, but never posted. I ran into it while I was looking for a work file and it really resonated with me. I hope it does the same for you too.

Words, please come through.

Expression is a tricky thing, or is it? I’m sitting down here to write and I find it isn’t as easy as it used to be. I guess that’s what you get when you don’t write as often; the skill atrophies.

I’ve been thinking a lot about creativity and technical mastery, how they can be substituted as the archetypes J.B. Pederson refers to as the father and the mother.

The father represents culture, order, the known, technical mastery, while the mother represents the unknown, chaos, creativity.

Just as art is the result of a struggle between creativity and technical mastery, so is life a struggle between the father and the mother.

The mediator between these two extremes is called the son and the act of going from the known to the unknown is called creative exploration.

Why are all these themes important? That depends on who you are.

As an artist your goals are mostly unclear, they are usually obscured, and it can be argued that any creative exploration is like chasing a shadow, all you have is a feeling of what you want and sometimes conventional methods can hinder you, because the only endeavors convention is good for are those currently existing.

It is less relevant when it comes to creating the future, and it gets relegated from being the law to being research material for gleaning the minds of those who have undergone their own creative exploration.

As a non-artist -a title I feel is a fallacy because art is simply a recreation of life- or someone who works in fields that have nothing to do with the arts, it’s basically the same thing, convention can hold you back from dealing with new problems, it can hinder innovative thinking.

Sometimes, it happens that the problem isn’t a lack of creativity but rather an unfamiliarity with the skills needed to make your ideas come to life, meaning you need to practice more or read more, in these cases, technical mastery or convention is more important.

Right now I don’t know where I stand in the process, I feel like I’m out of ideas and it’s killing me, at the same time though I also feel like my technical ability is lacking.

Maybe I should start writing out the stories I ever so often play out in my head, but more importantly, maybe I should just start living the life I want to live and even more importantly, live a fucking interesting life; driven by curiosity, and courage, held up by discipline, self-love and resilience, flavored with passion.

Maybe you should too, maybe you should lift your middle finger to your ego, which I’ve realized isn’t just an idea in your head, but the boundaries you’ve placed on yourself with the help of others, through your actions,

Maybe you should commit to living a life that inspires you, a life that you’re happy to live since living is all you’re going to be doing for god knows how long,

Maybe you too should chase the magic, both the technical, boring, unspectacular aspects, and the fascinating, mysterious and sometimes anxiety inducing feeling of following your curiosity down the rabbit hole.

Alice in Wonderland by Thomas Kinkade Studios

It doesn’t have to be major, after all you don’t go from being unable to walk to instantly jumping.

Start with one interesting curiosity, something you’ll look forward to every day, that will consume your thoughts, whether it’s exploring your bizarre thoughts in order to create a novel, writing a song, going to a stand-up comedy show, painting out your feelings, playing a sports every weekend, trying a psychedelic drug etc.

And after you’ve gotten decent at it, experiment with something new, the aim is to find the things that hold pieces of your soul and reclaim those pieces.

Live a life you love, the world won’t let you, they will convince you to be rational, which in itself is good advice, but rationality for you might look different from rationality for them, your aim is to live your life which means giving your current self up to create better versions of yourself.

Living is a journey back to where you started, it’s a recreation of who you are, your “you”.

Just like a seed has the information that it’s a tree in its DNA, you too have a blue print of who you are hidden in your interests, your curiosities, and the things that attract you, but you have to reconnect to your intuitions, to know what these things are

You can only do that by continually exploring and using the things you discover to achieve mastery.

And mastery is simply having a perfect connection to all that you are.