The Ocean behind your eyes


I take it I’m alive and you are as well if you’re reading this, I would hope that by now you might have noticed that majority of the things I write on here are sporadic mental vomit that have been slightly tweaked to appear to make some sense, though on the odd day, I can write some good shit that will make you think.

Today is not one of those days, apparently, the universe didn’t touch my heart in any way and neither are my emotions swirling with inspiration, it’s just me and my plain old ordinary state of consciousness wondering what I’m actually going to put down today that might be of some benefit to anybody who reads this.

Earlier in the day, I had a thought while I was on a bike headed home but I cannot for the life of me remember what it was that made so much sense to me that I felt it should be nominated for a place among one of my worldviews. It had something to do with acceptance of bad and how happiness tends to be highly overrated and can become disgusting ( I know, I can’t believe I used that adjective) in excess, like too much sex.

Since I can’t remember the exact thought I’ll just borrow some analogies from one of the men in “Ayo’s hall of mentors & smart guys”, James Altucher, seriously; google that name, he has a lot to offer though there’s the slight chance that what he has to say might not be your cup of tea, still it’s only a slight chance, I’m sure he’ll leave you feeling giddy and enthusiastic with some of his ideas. Anyways, on to the analogy:

So the gist of this particular bant of his goes something like;

“happiness and other emotions are like ripples or waves in an ocean, ephemeral and impermanent. So the goal thus, is not to identify with a ripple or a wave but to become the ocean, the central force of your existence”

Before we go on, I’d just like to clarify that he was talking about something else entirely when he said that, I edited and added a few things to make my own point and that’s one of the beautiful things about language, tiny changes can bring a whole new point of view.

Back to the gist, life is going to throw a lot of things our way, some good, some bad, some meh, other’s just plain weird and there’s nothing we can do about it, just like water in the ocean is at the mercy of the wind, the gravitational force of the moon, the occasional seismic wave from an earthquake and the creatures that play in it. Inevitably there will be waves, and tsunamis and high-tides and low-tides, but despite it all, the ocean always remains the ocean, permanent and unaffected by the water.

Be the ocean, don’t let the events of life blind you to the fact that you are alive and still have life.