Dear Facebook, Please Kill Selfies

I hate taking selfies and I hate seeing people take selfies. It looks very selfish and weird to see someone stand there and take a picture of themselves.

When traveling with my wife we found that sometimes selfies were the only way to get good pictures if you don’t feel comfortable going over to random strangers and asking them to take a picture for you. The problem is, the pictures look like crap and, as I said before, I hate people taking selfie’s and I don’t like hating myself.

Taking selfie’s when you’re with your wife is not a very selfish act, but still looks really weird and the pictures don’t look good.

The best way to get a good picture was to ask random strangers to take the picture. When we managed to muster the courage to ask someone it was almost always a nice experience. Often, the people we asked to take our photo had the exactly same problem we had, so we would take a picture for them too. The best thing about these photos are they are much better quality than selfies.

And here the idea was born: A selfie app to kill all selfies.

The idea is to have a service where people can sign up to take photos for other people and you can earn photos by taking photos, so if I’m willing to take three photos for other people then other people will take three photos for me.

There would be three benefits to this app:

First of all, your photos will look awesome. Second, you will stop looking like a crazy person taking a photo of yourself. And, third, you’ll get to meet new people while traveling.

I don’t really think this service make sense as a standalone app, but I do think it would be an awesome feature for a company like Facebook.

So I designed the feature for Facebook, hoping they will embrace it and make the world a little more friendly …