Online shopping mart to grab the Traditional Kerala dresses

Kerala has got its own typical dress style from the olden times. The dress style purely combines with the culture of Kerala. Kerala is blessed with its geographical beauty and hence it is a paradise of tourists. They visit Kerala for site seeing, shopping, tasting food etc. Tourists are very fond of Kerala dresses. The dress styles of Kerala depend on religion, geographical areas, age, culture, caste etc. Online shopping marts to buy the Kerala dresses are available and you can try one. Some tourists visit Kerala to explore the fashion of Kerala from its ancient times. Some important Kerala dresses can be listed as:

Kerala Saree

Kerala Saree is a typical dress for the Kerala women. It is a single piece of cloth having golden border and plain cream colour body. It is draped neatly. In all special occasions Kerala woman will wear this. Tourists from all over the world are attracted by this dress. Tourists coming to Kerala will definitely try this dress. In all resorts the tourists will get a chance to try this Kerala Saree. In Kerala Honeymoon Packages the tour operators will make all the arrangements including food, accommodation, travel etc. In modern time different varieties of Kerala Sarees are available. Kerala Garments are noted for its rich berries and embroidery works. Take a chance to buy one beautiful Kerala saree.

Kerala Mundu

Kerala Mundu is a piece of cloth that is wrapped around the waist. In olden times it is used by both men and woman. Woman will wear some cloth in the upper body also. This Mundu will have golden border and plain cream colour cloth in the body. The tourists coming from outside Kerala are always attracted by the traditional dresses of Kerala. Kerala is a land of beautiful geography. All modes of tourism can be flourished in Kerala. The varied geographical regions of Kerala make the land suitable for all modes of Tourism. The dress varieties play an important role in that. You can buy one Mundu and can keep it in your wardrobe to show to your friends.


It is a male cloth which is lengthy and up to the knee. It is usually used in South India especially Kerala. It is mainly used in festival occasions. It is very famous cloth which is derived from the Arabic Thawb. Tourists from different areas try this dress and all love wears it. Kerala is famous for its beautiful dresses. Even if you don’t like to wear this dress, you can buy one to keep it. Try to grab dresses from various parts of the world to know more about garments.

Pattu Pavada

It is a traditional Kerala dress which comprises of a top and a skirt with silk decorations. It is used by Kerala girls in special occasions. Kerala culture is shown in those dresses. Tourists love to try these dresses. This dress is available in all colours. Now the modern versions of these dresses are available. Fashion Designers from many other countries come to Kerala to study about the typical Kerala dress and culture. Along with this dress, if you do the exact Kerala make up and ornaments, then your look will be stunning.

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