How to tackle the negative thoughts and depression

Due to negative thoughts I always depressed, and the things what I do to overcome such situation, I used many ideas, but most of the time I used these two experiments, and overcome depression not 100% but 70 to 80% I get success.

  1. There are active steps you can take to alleviate depression. One of the worst symptoms of depression is a feeling of hopelessness. This very feeling can inhibit someone suffering from taking the steps that would help them combat their depression. I outline two actions that take to fight depression. These include:

• Recognizing and challenging your critical inner voice
 • Identifying and feeling your anger
 • Engaging in aerobic activity
 • Putting yourself in social or non-isolated situations
 • Doing activities you once enjoyed, even when you don’t feel like it
 • Watching a funny movie or show
 • Refusing to punish yourself for feeling bad
 • seeing a therapist

For people struggling with depression, it’s important to have compassion for our self and to take actions to overcome this state, including seeking help. Remember that no matter what our critical inner voice may be telling us, the situation is far from hopeless. There is good help available and many active ways to treat our condition. Whenever I feel helpless I GOOGLE and visit the National Institute of Mental Health.

2. Choosing Constructive Thoughts Instead of Destructive Thoughts

Positive or constructive thoughts help me effectively face my day-to-day situations.

Dwelling or ruminating on the past is not helpful and will cause negative emotions, but you can use past experiences to help make decisions and adjust your actions.

Constructive thinking allows you to be happy when things are going good, to put problems in perspective and deal with them in a practical way.