An Observation of Human Behaviour

I was reading a post on a hot and divisive topic. I wasn’t surprised to see the usual reactions: people defending their own stance while minimising the importance of opposing opinions.

Think about that for a minute.

People were saying they have a right to how they feel, while also saying that a certain subgroup has no right to feel how they feel.

I doubt any of the people involved realised this though, but it’s common on every hotly argued topic; both sides feel the way they do, and neither side wants to accept that the other side also feels a certain way, because they just can’t see that point of view in their world.

It’s the accidental arrogance of living in a bubble. It’s knowing your own feelings and having them reinforced by those around you who happen to feel the same way, and then dismissing anything different as an outlier or a minority opinion that doesn’t matter, even though the people who feel differently have an equally valid reason to do so in their world view.

We all do it. I do it.

We are a universe of worlds living on one planet, and we need to travel to the other worlds around us more often.

All our worlds would coexist better if we were even remotely interested in figuring out at least some of the other worlds around us.