Back in “my day…”

I was having a chat with my mum as regards the expense of the things children want these days… Specifically the PlayStation consoles.

We got the kiddo a PS3 last year, and a PS4 will be coming this year.

She was lamenting the cash cost, though, until I reminded her that she bought me a Commodore 64 soon after it was released. That was roughly£400 in 1982, so approximately the equivalent of £1,230 based on the RPI increase from then (calculated by Measuring Worth), or a little more than four -and-a-half PS4s based on what I paid (YAY Amazon Warehouse Deals!). Of course, she paid less than retail, because we’re a family of bargain hunters, but this illustrates the point.

Back in her day, she got a walkie talkie doll in the early 50's for £20, which, by the same RPI calculation is just over £548, or twice what I paid for the PS4.

So while it seems like, to generations before, that toys are getting more expensive, they’re actually getting cheaper, just more sophisticated!