How to start a Facebook page

OK, we all know that Facebook is a social networking powerhouse, with more than 1.1 billion users posting on their timelines and pages to share information in real-time about everything from their dating status to favorite restaurant.

But did you know that Facebook can help your business grow?

By establishing a Facebook Page for your company — complete with your logo, a memorable description of your business, and a cover image that represents the products or services you offer — you can begin to cultivate relationships with current and potential customers, increase brand awareness, and drive sales.

For businesses, Facebook provides a unique platform for sharing information about products and services, company updates, special offers or discounts, and messages to establish credibility.

How to start a Facebook page

It’s important to consistently post relevant, quality content that will engage — and expand — your audience. Check out these sample Page posts for a fictional landscaping company, Joe’s WonderLandscaping:

  • “Like” us today and receive 30% off tree trimming services.
  • Joe’s WonderLandscaping Tip of the Day: Anchor your landscape designs with focal points like statuary and water features.
  • Want to learn about layering your flowerbeds? Join the experts at Joe’s WonderLandscaping for a free workshop this Saturday. Get all the details on our website at

The moment someone Likes, Comments, or Shares something from your Page, it shows up on their friends’ News Feed. This gives you valuable word-of-mouth advertising and increases your brand’s visibility. Facebook also offers a number of paid options to boost the power of a business Page.

How to start a Facebook page

  1. Build your Page. Pick an awesome Page name, upload images, and write a compelling description. Learn more here.
  2. Get people to “like” your Page. It’s all about awareness, now. So, you want as many people as you can get to follow and “like” your Page. For more information, check out How do I invite friends to like my Page?
  3. Read up on paid options to help you better connect with your target audience.
  4. Start sharing. This is your opportunity to shine. Tell people about your company, what it does, how it works, what your specials are, when you’re debuting, if you have a discount for that day — the sky’s the limit! For more information on how to Post and Share information, go here.

Keep coming up with fun ideas to engage and entice customers and prospects. When something changes — like the addition of a new employee or product — post about it. Your customers are going to take notice.

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Originally published at Garage.