bower package manager debian

login with root to your server or login with lower user credentials and call command sudo su -

following commands need root credentials

apt-get update && apt-get -y install software-properties-common
curl -sL | bash -
apt-get -y install nodejs && npm install -g bower

bower is now available in your shell environment

which bower && bower -v

would give out the path to execute bin and version of bower

Network block devices (NBD) are used to access remote storage device that does not physically reside in the local machine. Using Network Block Device, we can access and use the remote storage devices in following three ways on the local machine:

File System

NBD presents a remote resource as local resource to the client. Also, NBD driver makes a remote resource look like a local device in Linux, allowing a cheap and safe real-time mirror to be constructed.

you dont need to compare NFS with NBD because both are totally different ways of solutions of network storage system

KVM Virtualisation full headless install and guest vm management

KVM Virtualisation production ready tested on : > pro-6-M dedicated

KVM Virtualisation full headless install and guest vm management

KVM install on ubuntu 16.04

apt-get install qemu-kvm libvirt-bin virt-manager  virtinst bridge-utils cpu-checker libguestfs-tools libosinfo-bin

KVM install on ubuntu 18.04

apt install qemu-kvm libvirt-clients libvirt-daemon-system bridge-utils virt-manager libguestfs-tools libosinfo-bin

nameserver for dedicated (if not exists)


Forwarding network

KVM VNC remote viewer

iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -i eno1 -p tcp --dport 5900 -j DNAT --to
sysctl -w net.ipv4.ip_forward=1
sysctl -p /etc/sysctl.conf

Forward Ports to guests with Iptables

accepting nat forwarding on nic for vm ip

do it for every libvirt bridge nat ip that need access incoming request from internet

iptables -I FORWARD -o virbr0 -d -j ACCEPT
  • onliner…

Two of the most popular and successful cloud management platforms (CMP). I have already witnessed the fact that industry is adopting open source based cloud management platform (CMP). In this blog, I will compare these two CMPs Apache CloudStack:

Apache CloudStack is one of the popular and battle-tested OpenSource Cloud Management Platform. Most of the service providers run on top of Apache Cloudstack to power their infrastructure as a service offering. Apache CloudStack supports Citrix XenServer, KVM, VMware, Microsoft HyperV hypervisors.

Cloud Management Service This is the central management service that orchestrates VM deployment, volume provisioning, cloud management and user…

Kozanoglu Aysad

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