Do This And You’ll Be Welcome Anywhere

Fortunately, I had a chance to read out the first chapter of “How to Win Friends & Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. and explored some ideas about how can i win everyone’s heart by just exploding to them that how important they are and how much value they have for me.

By giving some greetings to someone to make him/her feel special is first and easy trick i can use ever. i guess its not so difficult to say hi, hello or Assalam o Alaikum. How are You? or How's your day going on? as sales representative Edward M. Sykes, Jr., of Chatham, New Jersey did to say hello even a small ranked young man on the shop. and as i used to do the same thing as sale representative, it’s an amazing trick to see a happy smile on my customer’s face. They feel comfortable in sharing their issue and also give me good remarks by saying me thank you.

Also, We should focus on You rather than I which is called ‘You attitude’ Oh i remember, i have also read this in my course BCRW as a basic principles of communication and here the book “How to Win Friends & Influence People” has a splendid example of You attitude; a story of a successful magician Mr. Thurston. whenever i say to my customers how may i help you? they look towards me believing that I'm the one who we'll resolve their issue. so focusing on You is more necessary than I.

By giving some appreciations on someone’s dressing, tough times he/she had gone through, or anything i find interesting about him/her. my little word of appreciation can give someone little energy perhaps more energy and people get motivated, more inspired. as they feel I'm taking interest in them obviously they’ll love to listen my words. Even a dog can get attached by tapping his back. So human also need appreciation, kind words, feeling of being loved. When my colleagues give me appreciation about my work i get more indulged with my job but my head points out my mistake only and not ever gave me a positive feedback i just used to think about him how pathetic this man is. he just focus only on my weak points rather than giving me a little appreciation. alas! but I’ll never do the same to other people.

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