How To Measure Outdoor Advertising

Aysha Rameez
Jun 5, 2018 · 3 min read

It’s not easy to measure the effectiveness of outdoor advertising, it’s not easy to know the number of people who noticed your billboard. Unlike direct mails or newspaper adverts which are seemingly easier to measure but OOH can deliver measurable ROI results. Here are some factors which we look into when measuring the effectiveness of an outdoor advertising.

Before going deep into the article, get to know these acronyms:

· DEC: Daily Effective Circulation –number of vehicles and pedestrians that pass a billboard per day.

· OTC: Opportunity to Contact –how many people could walk past and see your outdoor advert.

· VAC: Visually Adjusted Contact –number of people who saw the advert during the outdoor campaign.

location plays a major role in measuring the ROI of an outdoor advertisement. There will be a strong call to action if targeted the chosen audience demographic, with the right message.

By Measuring The Traffic Pool
When determining the ROI, we must be able to know the potential size of the audience that could see your ad and of that number how many ended up seeing it and taking action towards a sale. We can measure this by measuring the sales growth during the period of campaign.

The OTC and DEC mobility can be accessed by:

· Road traffic counts

· Government surveys

· Census data

· Using GPS tracking devices

By Measuring The Sales Before And After
This one of the simplest and most common way of measuring ROI. Just look at the sales before and after running the ad. If there is a marked increase, then you ad is working. For this method to work, ensure that you have no other new campaigns running at the same time.

Code Specific Campaigns
Another way of measuring is by making use of e of campaign specific discount vouchers, coupon or QR codes. These codes should only be applied to the limited period of the campaign. You can measure the ROI by tracking the number of visitors who have used it on your site and also if that particular code is used at checkout then you can assign that sale to the billboard ad.

By Creating Campaign Specific Micro site
Create a landing page that is linked to the outdoor ad and it must only appear on the chosen outdoor platform. You can be assured that traffic coming through that landing page will be generated from the outdoor ad alone.

Through Social Media

Hashtags are another perfect way to measure your billboard. Assign a campaign specific hashtag to your ad. We can measure the ROI based on the interaction on social media by using the chosen hashtag. Do a simple search on the different platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to see the exact number of people who are connecting with your message.

Through Survey
Create a quick survey on your site that asks the visitor how they came to know about their brand. These insights will reveal which of your efforts are having the most impact and with which audience.

It is a proven fact that OOH ads create a higher ROI than radio, print and digital display advertising. Out of home media is robust, effective and popular that why we keep doing it.

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