Trust Dice : A New Blockchain Transparent Game

Hello, I guess we have blockchain game players here. I want to talk about my playing experience of Trust Dice. Trust Dice is a blockchain based dice game that you can gain more as you introduce the game to more people. I will strongly recommend it to blockchain game players. You can win more and enjoy the game. It is very easy to play and a trustable platform. I have been playing the game since 3 weeks and I can say that I am very satisfied with the result.Here you also can find more details about the game. This information is directly taken from their website. Come and play this game and gain together.

Trust Dice is a dice game built using trustless blockchain technology , based on Smart Contract and the game process is fully transparent. Adding custom seeds and auto mode upgrades the experience of the players and the efficiency of awards. Trust Dice set up Jackpot,you will Win when your Jackpot roll result is 666.

1. Blockchain Transparent

· Based on Smart Contract, everything occurring inside the game is completely public.

2. Provable Fair

· Player customized seed. Fully random result. Each roll can be verified to be manipulation free.

3. Auto mode

· Eliminating the hassle of frequent manual operation.

4. Instant Withdrawals/Deposits

· Login with EOS wallet. No personal details or Password needed!

5. Jackpot

· Chance to get Big Prize with small bet.

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