How to Decide What to Write About

Why writing is so important and how to use writing to develop ideas 

Writing is the best way to develop ideas. We can’t develop ideas well on thin air because our memories are limited. We are afraid to let go. We are afraid to forget what we’ve just thought. When we put thoughts on writing we are able to let them go. Since we are putting ideas down there is no danger of losing them. Writing liberates us from the limits of our short term memory. We are free to develop our ideas and move to a newer better plane.

“Writing liberates us from the limits of our short term memory.”

That’s why you should always write about things you care about. The best writing happens when you start it with an idea you really believe in. Sometimes I feel that an idea is very important. I need to write about it so that I can see where it will take me. A good idea is like a muse; it pulls you into a creative creation.

When an author is confident readers take the ideas more seriously and spend more time to understand them. Unlike a bullshit how-to page written for search engines, a good writing is personal. The author believes in the ideas and wants you to believe in them too.

The hardest part of writing is to decide what to write about. We all want to have good ideas and tell good stories. The best writing comes to you when you (1) believe in what you are writing, and (2) when the idea is really good. It is a multiplication of these two things. Without belief the writing is not personal; it is dry. Without a good idea it is hard to make yourself and others believe in the idea.

Talking about many ideas on a single writing is a weakness. It happens when you don’t have a strong idea. You write many things wishing it may add up to something good. That almost never works.

Since writing is a good way to develop ideas it is a good idea to write about things you want to know more about. If an idea is important to you just start writing and see where it leads.

When you reach a crossroad on your life and need to make a hard decision you should write. Write whatever thought comes to you. Let your mind wonder. During this process you will discover emotions. Some ideas will get you excited. Some ideas will scare you. Some ideas will anger you. When you discover an idea that moves your emotions that’s golden. Don’t ignore it. Use it like fuel to find out what really matters to you.

“When you discover an idea that moves your emotions that’s golden.”

To write well you must first find a great idea that you really believe in, and then you must tell it well. Take your chances. Be bold. Either fail miserably or succeed spectacularly.

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