Great article, Aytekin.
Brett Stevens

Thanks Brett. I don’t think there is one single solution. You have to use everything in your toolbox. Every approach has pros and cons. So, it is best to pick and choose the best approach for the kind of feedback you need.

  • We usually use our own Feedback Button feature to get people to talk to us about new features.
  • If we are testing out a new feature, we will give users an option to go back to the previous version and then when they are switching we will ask them to enter their feedback.
  • We will create a survey (obviously using JotForm) and email to users who used a feature.
  • We will sometimes personally and directly reach out users by email to get more information from them.
  • We also use FullStory and a lot. We pay them big bucks. And they deserve every cent of it. :)
  • We’ll do a lot of A/B testing to see which version works well and then we will start a new test when we have a clear winner.