Written in May 2019.

The recent release of Avengers: Endgame is pretty much all you can see on social media these days. I know it’s marketing genius when even my dad, who’ll wax poetic about The Godfather any given day but couldn’t care less about what was in theaters right now unless I told him about the new Scorsese movie, asks me over the crappy connection, “Have you booked your tickets for Endgame?” But what I hear quite often alongside my friends’ accounts of how they saw Endgame is the complaint that the crowd wasn’t good, people were hooting and…

Bong Joon-ho presents an entertaining commentary on social issues, leaving you with laughs and more than few moments of uneasiness. The first half of the film lampoons the economic hardships of one of the film’s two central families: The Kims. One is however in awe of the family’s determination to escape their circumstances. The beautiful montages set to music of the family’s meteoric rise to, well, a basic living wage soon give way to something more sinister. Through the film’s many twists and turns though, Bong never loses sight of the humanity of his characters and the passions that drive…

Photo by The Climate Reality Project on Unsplash

“Look at those climate change protestors waving placards made of cut down trees!” I can’t be alone in thinking this at some point over the past few weeks, maybe years. One may be forgiven for thinking there’s something lofty about the complaint. A genuine sense of amazement at having revealed the fundamental irony hiding beneath people’s shallow actions. This line of thinking assumes a binary: climate change is the one issue we’re fighting against and you’re either contributing to it or you aren’t.

This article isn’t a long diatribe about how we have damaged our planet beyond repair. It isn’t…

Ayuj Consul

Writer, Filmmaker, Student. I think about the movies I watch, the books I read and anything I come across and then try to write about.

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